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Entry 560 - Taking Inventory

Fair weather today, and relatively warm. I could enjoy this. :)

See the subject line? I'm home, the shift is over, inventory done and we don't have to worry about it until next year. I get to sleep in tomorrow and relax, enjoy time with friends on Wednesday (if that's still on, must check with Raine) and then a casual truck shift the next day. Back to business as usual.

So, in my last post I said I thought this journal has been going for five years. Checked my profile, turns out it's more like eight years now. Creation date 07/17/01. Crazy, huh? How time does fly.

My birthday was pretty low-key, as it has been--went with mom and oldest brother to go bowling (and I wasn't bad, either, even if I came in last every round) and then we came back home to do food. Had the cake later that night--almost too pretty to cut, so we took a couple pictures. Love my flower cake~ ♥

Reflecting on the old days (see previous entry) inspired me to take on a rather amusing idea. I talked it over with the tribemates and we agreed, so I will write a 'revamp' of the story that sparked the 'rewrite' (actually more like sequel--'rewrite' is working title). We discussed the things we'd change (quite a bit, like the random 'lol author notes' and OOC stuff) and what anime things we'd align with. Plus, all three of us combined have our memories of our personalities back then, for true past-fic flavor. :)

Something I've thought about lately, though, is our new current status. I worry for Lynn, who really needs a job--for Raine, who never seems to have much time to relax, for both of them in general.

Our usual excuse for meeting up is dinner--I'm the one who typically buys, so it's not an all-the-time event. I'm looking forward to Wednesday because it's an all-day get-together, not just for an hour or so to eat and then split. Sure, I have to be up early for it, but it's daylight-early, so it's worth it.

I'm so happy I survived another year of inventory, and the shifts I got this week should add up to good money by the next. Next big event is Black Friday--can it really be fall already?

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