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Entry 559 - Past, Present, and Future...

Fair weather today, blue skies and gentle breezes. Late-summer weather, definitely, with warm days and cool nights. Sadly, not good for nighttime park trips, as we discovered the other night--dew on everything and not very warm, so we couldn't really relax. Oh well. We can still try for dinner, and maybe writing and games if possible.

However, Raine keeps very busy, so we may have to wait. That's okay, though. :)

Tomorrow, I plan to go out and walk. Not sure where I'll go, but I'll go and walk. Supposed to be nice weather again, and I definitely need the exercise. Besides, it's finally cool enough to be outside, instead of the awful heat we've had this summer. Time to enjoy it.

Still can't believe after this weekend, I'll be 23. I can't remember how long I've been on LJ--five years? Maybe more? It's been a while. How time does fly...

...and that brings us to the subject line. When I was younger, I was shy and awkward, I didn't have many friends, and I kept myself company with my imagination. I look back on old stories and such and I wonder about things, how people saw me--and the others in the group, once I joined them.

It's amusing, how in the old stories I had much more of an attitude (and much more courage) than I did in reality then, and I'm still getting more outspoken even now. I'm still not as loud as Raine and Lynn are, though...especially Lynn, I think she may be the loudest of us all. :)

I've been at my job for three years now, and my schedule reflects the fact I've learned so much. I started out as just part of the truck crew, and now I'm getting shoe shifts more (still not very often, but I have two next week~) and I've even done a couple of ad-set shifts. I feel like I've branched out, and I don't mind it. After all, it means I work on my skills, and I earn more money. I enjoy it.

Raine is moved into her new place and settled into her routine. Lynn is still job-hunting, but she has a place to live (with her dad). I'm working and living at home, but I contribute as much as I can. Currently, we're all pretty stable.

As for the future? Well, there's story ideas I've talked to them about, and hopefully we can come up with things. I still have the 'rewrite' to work on, and a few other projects outside the group. I want to start writing again--it's started to feel odd holding a pencil, and that's just not right. I have a bunch of empty notebooks and blank paper I want to fill with stories again, like the old days.

Mom and I went grocery shopping today, and we decided to look at cakes--after all, my birthday is Saturday, so we figured we should at least see what was there. Not much selection for ice cream cakes, sadly, so we moved on to the bakery section. Many of them looked so wonderful, but there was one we decided on that I couldn't pass up.

It's chocolate, with creme frosting, and it has flowers on top with some little bird and butterfly sprinkles. Light pink and white, with flowers and butterflies? Totally won me over. It's like a princess cake almost--and plus, butterflies and flowers. I am such a girl sometimes. ♥

Of course, considering which member of the princess trio I get to be? Yay flowers. :)

OSW is slow, but still going. I've been pretty quiet lately, but then, I usually am. Tanabata is finally over, it seems, after a month and a half or so. A very long party, but finally over and we've moved on to other things.

I'll try and come up with an idea to revive RPW. In the meantime, people can keep posting if they want--members are still reading, anyway, if not commenting with concrit. Members can suggest challenges as well, as Tabi did once. Don't be shy, gang!

(I feel like such a bad mod for not posting in there, but I just feel so awful for not writing much. The stuff I've worked on lately? Mostly original fanfic hybrid stuff, like the 'rewrite' and such. Perhaps we need a good community challenge to inspire people.)

Then again, I feel bad for FDD, too, since that's really quiet and pretty much abandoned. The tribemates don't really post on LJ much, with Raine so busy lately and Lynn without internet, but perhaps if they start writing fanfic again, we can come up with something. Perhaps we can use that for the big project we're plotting together...hmm.

Tomorrow I go walking with Lynn, Saturday I enjoy a party day, and Sunday it's back to business as usual. Five days of work this upcoming week, and two of them are shoe shifts. I can handle this.

In the meantime, I sit back and relax, enjoy some soda, and think. Perhaps write if anything comes to mind.

Hopefully, something does.

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