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Entry 558 - A New Year?

For the subject line...well, it is for the students and teachers. :)

I know, it's after two in the morning, I should probably be in bed but I'm too awake. All these different shifts are messing with my head, it's hard to adjust but I'm working on it. First night of ad-set went well, especially since I know the technology.

Would've been easier if said technology had let me log in better, but oh well. Things got done, and I'm proud. Hopefully the next one goes faster.

Two days of work next week--Tuesday is a truck and merch-set shift (6-2) and Wednesday is a shoe shift (10-6). Both 8-hour shifts, makes for good money. Plus, it means I get my birthday off, and that's a plus!

So much has happened in the past couple weeks that I suppose I should catch up. We got Raine moved into her new place--the moving day was set near the end of the month, since she had to be all set before school went back into session. She rented the truck (and yes, willingly listened to me dork the whole time, bless her heart) and we picked it up, she drove it back to her place (with Lynn driving her car and me riding with Raine) and the move began. With the big stuff boxed or ready to be dismantled, the actual loading took us a couple hours--mostly for the heavy lifting.

I took a break while they moved the heavy stuff to run to the corner store for water and light snacks, as we met super-early and needed something on-hand. I returned promptly and jumped back in to help, and between the truck and her car, we loaded everything and were ready to set off.

(Later in the day, it turned out that we left a small box behind and had to fetch it, but we needed to pick up a few things anyway, so it worked out.)

We arrived at the new place as her mom's movers were there unloading, and with her new room on ground-level, the unload went even faster than the load did. We finished with the truck two hours before it needed to be back on the lot, and didn't even need a gas trip! Raine was thrilled.

We set off again to drop off the truck, and then went to the store to fetch things for the kitties--they rode together in the big cat carrier from my house, and they needed a new box and some fresh food and litter. It was quite a trip, with all three of us so happy.

After a little bit, we started to unload boxes, getting things set up and sorting out what would go where. The entertainment center was one of the first things to get put back together, making space for the things Raine would be picking up from a friend later in the day--and with that up, we thought about going to fetch those sooner rather than wait longer. Plus, there was still that one box left behind.

Raine said we girls could spend the night and see what else we could get arranged, and we both agreed--that kept us out longer, to fetch our overnight things and all. I honestly thought I could handle an overnight, that perhaps I'd wear myself out enough to sleep.

(Raine actually hugged my mom when we dropped by here, she's so thankful for everything we've done to help. Mom's pretty proud of us, too, for getting everything moved. Warm fuzzies~)

We took a dinner break when we returned, then set about sorting and arranging books and such. By the time we hit 10pm, they were both worn out and ready to sleep. Sadly, I wasn't.

By the time midnight hit, I was miserable, and Raine offered to take me home. I accepted, though I still feel guilty about leaving--especially after hearing that they got more done and Lynn even helped with cleaning the old place that next day and more unpacking the next couple days after that.

I'm happy we got her moved in, all packed and everything with our own power. Her new room is pretty nice--ground level off the garage, with a little bathroom and wall-shelving (where her books and figurines are). The cats are probably mellowed out now, getting used to everything. I feel proud to have helped with the process as much as I did.

A random fact--Raine's license plate for her car (mom's old green one, for those who didn't know) references the triforce, as a symbol of her gaming nerd status. Mom herself said that when we did the moving day event, the three of us girls seemed to be a triforce--and then I explained what it actually was, the three pieces and all. Talking about it, I think it fits very well--the power to move it all, the courage to get it done, and the wisdom to know our limitations. United as one, to a common goal.

I suppose I show my nerd status here, if I can call it that. :)

Realizing that I don't have to work on my birthday makes me remember that my birthday is coming up, and I'll be 23 this year. I still can't believe it, but it's true. I know people will ask what I want, but I can't think of anything. I guess I just want people to be happy. World peace and all that.

Okay, now it's late and time to post this. I need to sleep at some point, after all!

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