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Entry 557 - Ending the Season?

Fair and warm today, with a light wind. The heat is starting to wear off, but there's storms reported for the weekend. It figures, we can't have anything in the middle this season. Oh well, at least the storms will hopefully bring cooler weather. Plus, next weekend is the folk festival, we need nice weather for that!

The tribe trio has been working hard to get Raine's things together for her move--tomorrow will be the last day of packing before she has to be out, and we hope everything works out well. :) She might tell all about it, for those who watch her journal (when she gets time to post, that is...)

Lynn and I met her at the mall last night, and did a lovely dinner after she closed up. If I ever build my courage up enough, I may try my hand at DDR. For now, I'm content to just watch them show off. :)

Working three days this upcoming week, with unusual hours. 12-5 on Sunday (truck shift), 2-10 on Wednesday (afternoon to close, price changes) and 9-3 on Saturday (shoes~). Apparently there were some overnight price change shifts up for grabs, but not enough people signed up, so the powers that be had to put that shift into actual hours. I don't mind too much.

Plus, only working six hours on Saturday means I still have time to hit the waterfront later in the day for the folk festival, so it all works out. Good times~ ♥

Feeling the urge to write, but not sure what to write. I'm rather guilty right now--RPW is pretty much in a hiatus, because we're all busy with other things and I haven't been able to write anything of substance for a while. FDD (it still exists, yes) is very quiet because I have...two members, at most? Oh well.

In the meantime, OSW is still going, but slowly. After all, with summer coming to a close, there's lots to do. Our star festival has now lasted for a month, and it's still going! :)

So now I post this, chat with Raine online, and try to write. I leave all of you who wait for these journal entries to this, and head off to find something to eat. Hopefully I can get back into posting more--the long breaks between entries are starting to drive me nuts.

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