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Entry 556 - Summer Days, Summer Nights

Fair and hot today. At last check, it was about 90-something. Supposed to be like this until the end of the week, if I remember correctly. Thank goodness for AC in this house, or we'd be pretty miserable.

It's been a month exactly since my last update, so there's a lot to post now. First off, I suppose I should mention how the board meeting went.

They got prelim approval. I swear, the members who've been against this development since the start were reaching for something--anything--they could use to turn this down, but with no luck. However, that doesn't mean they'll have final for sure, since they still have hoops to jump through for that.

(My keyboard has been acting up lately--I have to minimize the screen or something so I can actually finish typing things sometimes, and it's annoying. Perhaps I do need a new system.)

Work continues like normal, and I've been getting more shifts here and there. Finally boosting my savings account again--I'm glad to be earning more. Meds are still cheaper, too~ ♥

Had plans tonight, but all the heat made Raine sick, so she's taking the night to rest. Apparently the mall doesn't have AC in the section the game store is in, or at least not very good AC. Hopefully she feels better by tomorrow, at least.

Okay, ending this entry now and will update more later, perhaps once my keyboard is behaving again. This is such a pain, really, it just takes too long to type anything.


ETA, 01:10 AM: Okay, changed the batteries in the keyboard. Working better for now, we'll see if it holds up. At least it's behaving for the moment!
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