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Entry 555 - Cooking With Virgo

Couldn't help the subject line, really. After all, it's not only relevant, but catchy! :)

An update on the planning board situation--now at 21 lots, since one of the proposed lots was on the right-of-way and that's just not allowed. Short agenda, we're second on the list of three. Should be interesting, and hopefully we see quite a bit of the neighborhood there.

Three days of work this week--I volunteered for a shift on Tuesday, six to noon. :)

So with my brothers out on their trip, us gals get to eat whatever we feel like having, which is good. Mom decided I could plan the menu tonight, and we checked our stock of food. I even went into the store to pick up a few things we needed for it, and I did the cooking. Didn't take too long, either, just an hour or so.

My completed menu was fish sticks with scalloped potatoes--yeah, not much, but it's an easy menu we've done before, so it was a good idea. We had a bag of frozen cauliflower, so I made a big bowl of that.

For dessert, I browsed the bakery section. My first thought was pie, but I didn't find one that I was interested in. I poked around a bit more, and noticed the carrot cakes. There were individual slices, and huge two-layer ones, those weren't right.

I settled on a cute one-layer cake. Currently enjoying dessert as I type this, even, since we ate early. Mom said it was divine, and I should cook more. I'll be sure to try, now that I have my confidence up.

Of course, someday I'll have to work with raw meat. Ew.

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