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Entry 554 - Another Round...

Current weather today: fair to rain. It figures, I open my window early today to try and cool things off, and while we're out running errands, the rain starts up. At least it didn't rain in.

Work proceeds as usual. Signed up for a couple of shoe set days, early August. Nine hours each shift--that could bring in quite a bit of money. Money we need, really. It's like a sign.

We captured Raine last night for dinner and came up with more ideas for the story. This helps a lot--it gives us happy things to think about when the going gets tough, and believe me, it gets tough lately.

The reason for the entry is this: those of you who read this journal regularly (do I have fans out there?) should notice I've been keeping track of the proposed development out in the back field of this neighborhood. The planning board has been keeping us updated as things go.

This week, in the mail, we got a notice. The developers are trying again, and they want a 22 lot cluster subdivision this time. Not a typo, either--they carved off one lot. Big deal, right?

Today, mom went down to get a copy of the proposal map (along with a couple of our neighbors--this is getting to be a hassle for all of us, it seems) and showed it to me. 22 lots, with a cul-de-sac, positioned right behind the neighborhood. The biggest lot proposed is not even a quarter-acre. Tiny lots.

Needless to say, we'll be there for the meeting. There's a few things they'll need to edit on the map, for certain, and then the board will have to decide. This has gone on for nearly a year now (has it been a year yet?), and we're not backing down.

Besides, if they get their way, all those trees and plants out there will be gone. The apple trees down back, the pine tree I used to climb on, all of it. The animals will be chased away.

I don't want that to happen.

So we continue to fight. I think the board understands.

In the meantime, we wait. I continue to work and go out for things, everything goes as usual.

Plus, OSW has been active again. Can't be bummed during the star festival, after all. :)


(I shall use my most fitting icon for this--after all, a little song of peace can do wonderful things if it comes from the right voice, can't it?)
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