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Entry 553 - Musings

Well, after that last entry, I feel a lot better. Getting it all out helps to unwind. :)

So, this morning while I got ready for work, mom and I chatted about things. Basically, she'd showed me a news link about a couple raising their kid without gender boundaries--in other words, not raised as a girl or a boy, but totally gender-neutral. Sounds like a pretty nice idea, in theory.

That brought us to talking about how society still holds fast to gender roles, even to this day, and we wound up talking about commercials and how they work.

May seem like a lot to talk about at five in the morning, while both of us were still waking up, but we managed to get a lot of discussion in--plus, we finished it in the car, on the way there. Plenty of time.

When she picked me up today (remember, I don't drive yet), she told me she had thought about our conversation and decided to write a journal entry about it. Short and sweet, and up for public viewing. I share it with all of you, because it really does make one think about things.

Check today's date on kisssubliminal for the entry. My mom's a pretty smart woman. ♥

In other news, rain on and off again. Feels awful inside, very muggy. However, grocery shopping (in theory) today, so will probably enjoy wandering through the aisles with nice cold air. :)

Going through the motions, one step at a time.


(Also, Tabi, your entry wins. Oh, GL, how we love you and your passionate speeches.)
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