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Entry 551 - Unwanted Visitors

For the first topic, the subject line--it appears I've been bot-friended. If someone is behind the two accounts that have added me as a friend, I'd like for them to remove me. I have no wish to be part of some obscure "zine" or connected to a Russian spambot, so if you two would kindly go away, please do so.

Is there a way to remove them? I refuse to friend them back, and it seems they've added others from my list as well.

For that matter, one of my OSW character journals was friended by someone, and another player's character as well. Is this a new trend, to add fictional journals to a friendslist?

In other news, work continues as usual. Nothing too exciting yet, as we're only into spring. Once we get to the back-to-school rush, then things begin to pick up speed. In the meantime, I take what I'm given and if there's extra shifts, I try to get those too. Besides--recently I was scheduled for a couple of shoe shifts, and those make me pretty happy. Extra earnings are always welcome! :)

Lynn finally has a job, thank goodness. She's officially a retail gal like the rest of us, with hours similar to Raine's. I'm still the oddball, it seems. I don't think I'll ever grow out of that, but I suppose I can accept it.

Still, though, I do have moments where I feel like too much of an outsider. Could it just be me overreacting?

Cool weather early this week, getting mild, and now too warm. Even with the windows open, it's still rather steamy upstairs--my brother even put his AC in today, and he's downstairs. Supposed to be warm tomorrow as well, hopefully with a wind.

More errand running to do later, and hopefully, this weekend I can return to the library. After all, I've renewed my card, so why not use it? I like being downtown on nice days.

In the meantime, I try to write. I'm 80+ pages into the current story, and now I have some ideas again--dinner outings with the tribe definitely help the imagination. Time to get even further!

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