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Entry 550 - Spring's Arrival

Well, it's been a while, so I figured I actually had things to update with this time. We're finally out of winter--still drying up, but we're getting rain now instead of snow. This is pretty good.

The temperatures are rising, and we're getting into high 40s and mid 50s now--also good.

All the rain and runoff, however, has made the city stream very high and very fast, so hopefully it settles back down in time for the annual river race. If the racers can't pass under the walking bridges, they can't do the race. We'll have to see how the weather goes.

After dinner tonight, mom and I took a nice walk around the area. We took the corner path out to the edge of the woods, then to the sidewalk and up around to the end of the road. A nice loop, long enough to be exercise but still short enough to not wear us out. We should do it more often, walking's pretty fun. :)

Started a story a few weeks back, but currently stuck on it--70+ pages in. Chatted with Lynn about ideas, but we really need a full chat with Raine included to come up with a set list. Raine keeps very busy lately, so I don't know when that might be.

Lynn is officially out of PJC, she graduated and got her driver's license, and is now looking for a job and a place to live. She'll be at Raine's next week--maybe we'll see an LJ post from her!

(Maybe, with her there, we'll have a better chance to get us all together, too. I hope...)

Work goes as usual. There's excitement about the nice weather, since the weather conditions outside affect the temperature of the loading dock and all. Should get nice grilling weather soon.

OSW goes on like usual, too. A few slow points, but we're all busy in different ways, so we do what we can when we get chances. Once summer hits, though, perhaps things will change.

Well, that's basically it. Nothing too thrilling, I know, but not much happens here to post about. Once things do, however, I'll be sure to post something. After all, writing is my best hobby. :)

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