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Entry 549 - Snow, Again

Coming up on six am, another Monday morning, and like this time last week (see previous entry), the state is shutting down in preparation for another ugly winter storm. The last couple of hours, I've been refreshing both news sites (2 and 5)--around 4:30, a few things on the list, not really much but it was still very early. The majority of reports start coming in closer to five and all the way up until six.

By five, the list was very close to being half the state, and still growing every time I refreshed the page. As mom put it a few minutes ago, "Houlton schools and all points south are closed until further notice."

Right now, it's just getting light out, so I can see what's going on. The wind has picked up--supposed to be rather windy today, just to add to the snow and all.

(I'm sure Lynn is happy--PJC has classes cancelled today. No school for her.)

Part of me, looking at all the things closing, wonders if anyone would close the mall. After all, it's dangerous to be on the roads, so why keep it open today? Maybe someone will close it.

No, it's not just because Raine has to work today. I honestly think that it would be silly to have the mall open on a day with such awful weather that it's closed most of the state.

Only last week we were coming through a storm, and now, exactly a week later, we're dealing with another. I think nature is on a sadistic streak this year. I hope the power companies can keep up, because after last week's storm...I imagine the list of outages will be a long one again.

For now, those of you who don't have to be out, get a hot cup of coffee or something and relax. Those who have to travel, take it slow and be careful.

Me? Now that I'm up to date, I suppose I'll go curl up for a little while. It's been a long night.

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