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I passed the what do I do?

I got my math test back today, and the results are in. I passed with a 94. I guessed on the second question and got it right. The third one I did the same thing, but got it wrong. Oh well...we're not all perfect.

We started Act 5 today. Questions on scenes 1-2 tonight.

I'm busy getting all my various notebooks and stories together for the upcoming story session hopefully on this weekend.

Maria and I started the flashback, but didn't get very far. I'm bad with narratives 'cause they never come out the way I thought them to be. I'm trying, though, so you have to give me some credit.

I'm continuing to get kicked off tonight, 'cause Drew's having compy problems. His system keeps getting overheated, and since we're hooked up to his system, we're getting affected too. All I need to do is wait for a few minutes and try to log on again.

School is going fine, I guess. I'm passing, and I see my friends. New friends, actually. It's cool, 'cause I sit with a few of my friends from last year during lunch, and I saw a surprise today on my way to my Focus study hall.

Ms. Astbury and Mr. Cookson from Garland St. showed up at my school today and I hugged them so hard. I felt so happy that I told everybody in that class. Lots of them wanted to run up to the office and see them, but couldn't.

We are back online now. Everything's fine.

I have about 15 notebooks, 2-3 binders, and a few folders to bring with me if I'm going to this story session this weekend. I need to decide what I'm going to bring, and it all has to be able to fit in my backpack, 'cause that's what I'm carrying it all in. Well, I can carry her white binder separate, and I can fit in the folder and some of the notebooks. I'm good at the stuffing thing 'cause I have to fit my books and stuff in during school. Hoepfully, I'll remember to bring all 3 of my story notebooks home on Friday. The folder never leaves my bag during the day, and I bring it home every night.

I need to revise my story list, 'cause I've added a lot more or deleted some. It's on paper, and I need to re-write it. I have a lot of stories, but limited space, so I need to arrange it for room. Such is the creativity of a teen writer, especially one like me. ^_^ Methinks I'm on somewhat of an ego-trip, huh?

Besides stories, I have my journals and my pictures and stuff. I need to find room for all this stuff, and I need to find room fast. *sigh* Time for a dramatic cleanup, huh?

There's, like, nobody online right now. If anyone wants to talk, please don't be afraid to drop me a line. I'll talk to you about stuff that makes sense...or even stuff that makes no sense, whatever floats your boat, so to speak.

I need to work on my homework anyway. Boring stuff, but we're getting into the fun, exciting stuff soon. Act 5 is the last act of the play, and we're just getting into the first scene. I can't wait until we get to the big death scene in my class. The way my class does it, it will probably be more funny than sad.

Well, I'm gonna try posting this, getting my homework done, and getting to bed. I'm working on my second little bottle of ginger ale today, so I think I'm gonna hve a nice hot cup of cocoa next. I've been sleeping pretty well after doing that.

I found something funny. For all you Team Rocket worshippers, in this town, there's a Jessie St. and a James St. on the same side of town. Funny, huh? I loved that and started laughing. ^_~

Well, I'm heading out. Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. I'll be on for a while. Laters, all!

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