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Entry 548 - Snow Instead of Spring

Sadly, after a few days of decent weather, we're back to snowy whiteness again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, short as it was.

I know, it's almost six in the morning, why am I awake and updating instead of sleeping? Well, I need to reset my sleep habits anyway, and I decided I'd watch the cancellation reports coming in. I have two sites that I watch--it's almost necessary, in order to catch everything, as the sites don't always have the same information at the same time.

They said this storm was going to be ugly, and the cancellation lists reflect that. Pretty much everywhere in the state has shut down (and a few scattered delays), from border to coastline and back again. Not one school left open, and they're all out of their limited snow days (used to be five, now it's three).

Of course, it happens on the day after winter break ends. One of the women at work actually wanted her kids to go back to school, and now they get another day off. Oh well.

I'm happy I don't have to work today, and wonder how businesses work on that list. I saw a few, but they were mostly gyms and such, or county/state offices. The majority, as always, belonged to the schools because oh, how many districts and unions we have, and then all the public schools and private ones.

Hopefully, those who don't have to be out today can stay home and relax, and those who do, take it careful. I've seen a plow or two come by, but it could still be messy, with the wind and all.

In the meantime, now that I've had my fun, maybe I can get a little sleep in. :)

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