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Entry 546 - Winter Warnings

In case anyone hasn't seen the weather map recently--it's gonna snow. In some places, snow and sleet and rain and lots of ice. It's gonna be ugly.

Pretty much par for the course here, though. After all, it's almost February, and that's usually when we get the hardcore winter snowfall. The snow-lovers are excited.

I'm mixed about it, myself. On the one hand, I love snow. On the other, it's supposed to start tomorrow morning, and unfortunately, I have to work then. Yeah, it'll be interesting.

The holidays are over, so my shifts have gone back down again. I don't mind it too much, and I did volunteer for a shoe set overnight coming up, so that'll be something. :) I like the idea of possibly meeting up with my local pals and doing stuff together.

Of course, Raine has her work and all, and haven't heard from Lynn recently (that might be a good sign, as she's probably being kept busy and she'll be transitioning out eventually, anyway). Maybe sometime this weekend if the weather is nice.

Online is quiet. Still early, I know, but very quiet. Hopefully the OSW members in the path of this storm are doing well (or getting prepared for it). We stocked up on things and ran whatever errands we could, so let it come. We'll be ready.

Besides, mom has her coffee. She'll definitely be fine. :)

In the meantime, I post this and go off to keep busy. Maybe I'll go make dinner soon.

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