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Entry 545 - New Year

Hard to believe we're changing the calendar again. Seems like only yesterday we were starting 2008, and now we're into 2009. Granted, it's two hours into the first day of the new year, but it's still odd.

Didn't really go like I'd hoped--Lynn's still out west for a few more days, and I haven't heard anything from Raine at all. I've sent messages, but I'm guessing her phone might be eating them. Maybe she'll get ahold of me sometime soon. After all, we still have the tribe gift exchange to do.

...that, and that bottle of cider still in Raine's fridge. That probably won't keep forever. :)

My schedule continues to give me crazy hours, but at least I've been getting out at close instead of super-late. We've come back out of holiday closing hours, so Saturday's upcoming 4:30 to midnight shift will wind up being 4:30 to 10 instead--midafternoon to close. Five and a half hours, not so bad.

Plus, next week gives me a couple of five to close shoe shifts. Did I mention oh yes? ♥

I'm happy with the gifts I got this year, and very happy that people liked what I got them. I'm sure the tribemates will like their gifts, and in case they read this, I'm not telling~ :)

I officially put up my new calendar, and my new datebook is in play. I need to work on this first day of the new year, though, so I'll have to be up at some point to get ready.

No music because it's late, but sometime, I'll have music again. I can try, anyway.

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