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Entry 544 - Happy Holidays

Midnight exactly as I write this. The brothers are downstairs watching movies, mom's in bed, the gifts are all wrapped, and I'm upstairs on my computer. Lynn made it safely out west, and hopefully Raine is where she needs to be for the night. We'll do our own gift exchange when Lynn returns.

Raine will be happy to know that my brothers finally talked me into playing a little of the wii, and I didn't do too badly my first time out. Granted, I'm very new to the wheel and the controls, but with practice, I might be pretty good eventually.

It'll take a lot of practice, though. Oh well, I'm up for it. :) I stalled for a long time, and now that I've caved and gave it a try, I'm ready for more.

Of course, the guys are watching movies until dawn (like tradition), so I at least have my handhelds. Maybe in the morning or something we'll play again.

My work schedule has officially had some crazy hours lately. Working until midnight? Not so bad if I'm able to sleep in the next day. Working late afternoon to close two nights in a row and then working early morning the next day? Kinda ugly. I'll probably stay offline Saturday night so I can recover--working 4-11:30 that night and then 6-2 the next day, yeah. At least it's money.

Plus, some of those wackadoo shifts have been good ones. Shoe shift this past Saturday? Oh yes. ♥

In a couple hours, the boys will probably make breakfast--another tradition, and since I'm awake, I'll probably be able to join them. Depends on if they want to share, though.

I'm pretty confident the family will like their gifts, and the tribemates should like theirs as well. After all, it's not the gift, it's the thought and heart put into the choice that really matters, right? :)

For the moment, everything is pretty quiet--well, inside, anyway. Outside's kinda ugly, with some wind and a little bad weather. At least we have our snow, so things look a bit more festive.

Our darling next-door neighbor stopped by earlier while we were playing, to drop off a gift for us. We didn't expect the huge gift bag, though, or what she put inside it. She usually gives us a plate of brownies or a chocolate sampler, but this year...

We did get the sampler, as usual, but there was more. Apparently, she decided we needed another holiday decoration for our stash, and she gave us a lovely village collectable. A ski chalet.

Silly woman, she spoils us so much. Of course, we spoil her just as much, so perhaps it balances out. :)

OSW is still in our little "hiatus-play" mode, but things are still interesting. I learned to make icons from ordinary pictures, and I think I can actually start making icons for myself someday.

(Which means that Suzume and Meredith might be able to have icons instead of nothing. I could do this.)

Online is quiet, due to the holiday and the time--after all, it's kinda late. Oh well.

At least people are with those who matter to them, and hopefully this year gets some peace and goodwill. After all, I think we're overdue for it.

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