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Entry 543 - Holiday Season

Yes, I'm still alive. Survived the biggest shopping day of the year and came home safely, and did my relaxing shoe shift the next day. The holiday itself went well, with family and food and a lot of stupid jokes, we're pretty good with that.

My appointment with my doctor was pretty much same as always. Everything's good, I'll go back on the first of June.

Planning board meeting? Almost looked like a lose for our side, but the board came through and showed they still paid attention to things. The 'new plans' submitted were denied. Shot down in preliminary.

(The guy who submitted them, who spoke about them? Didn't look happy when he left. If looks could kill...)

As I write this, we have a lovely light snowfall outside. No real problem yet, just watching the snow quietly falling outside my window. Fitting, too, because today we have the city tree lighting, and the tribe will be there. After all these years, I'll finally get to go, and with my friends, too!

Lynn and I met on Saturday after my shoe shift and we took her shopping for bags--she needs stuff for her trip, so we headed to the mall and then to goodwill. Found her a nice new(-ish) lunchbox and a pretty black tote-purse. We talked about meeting Raine later in the week, and we did.

We thought about Thursday, but Raine was on the go all day and we opted for the next. Early afternoon yesterday, I headed over to her place, and later, Lynn joined us. Games, food, and song---sort of.

...okay, basically we hung out in Raine's room playing games and goofing off, stopping to eat and tell more stupid jokes, but it was all good. :) I think so, anyway.

We also decided to meet today--Raine gets out of the music store at two, I told her I'd keep my phone on me so she could call, and Lynn will be standing by as well. Light parade, tree lighting, and then we do food. Maybe one of those charming downtown pubs, good food and right in the square, too.

Oh, Raine allowed me to borrow two DS games from her, so I picked a couple out. The newest Mario game? Giant mushroom is so awesome.

Phantom Hourglass...I want to keep the fairy and dump the sailor overboard. Fun times! :)

Speaking of awesome and fun things, originally this upcoming week only had one work day for me (Monday), and there was a posted sign-up sheet for extra shifts. Shoe shifts, four open days for seven hours each. all know me too well, to pass up on that would be ridiculous. Signed up for one right before I started the day, and came back for the other after I clocked out. Thursday and Saturday.

Extra money for the holidays isn't a bad thing, and I really know the department needs help. I won't let the troops down. I know so much to let this pass me by.

With that, I post this and get my day started. Maybe I'll go tackle that fire temple some more...

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