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December with no snow....this makes no sense whatsoever, right?

Well, it's happening. Last year, our first snowfall was in mid-October, and now we have, like, no snow at all up here. Usually, we're the first ones to get lots of snow, and now we're the last.

I'm bored, and tired, and I'm gonna go to bed soon. LJ's being weird again, and I had to wait until a few minutes ago just to get into my own LJ.

I took my chapter 4 test today, and I had time left over to write in my written journal. I'll add to my story journal soon, and I have a lot of stories that I desperately need to work on. This is the purpose of the story session that Kelly and I do. We get together, work on our stories, and talk. We exchange ideas and edit our work, all while having fun. Usually we don't play music or anything, but we might change that just for this meeting.

We start Act 5 soon, around Thursday. It should be interesting, considering my class does a lot of goofing around and stuff. It's funny, even during the serious parts. People will start laughing or accidentally read somebody else's lines, or even miss their cue. All in all, though, it's very fun.

We have a quiz in civics tomorrow, to make up for the one we never were readied for in time. Our teacher gave us the original quiz, not knowing that we hadn't gone over the info yet. So, he's giving us a second chance and hoping we'll do better this time.

We're talking about the space program in science, which is so boring that I want to sleep through it, but can't. I hate sitting near the front, and in the front is even worse.

I sit in the front in math, civics, and health. Now even in my Focus study hall. I got moved and I hate it. Plus, the guy behind me in there is so loud and annoying, being the guy in front of me in science. *sigh* Why me?

I need to write another story list, and carry it with me so I know what to work on. I have an old series I was going to start, but never got around to. I was calling it Top Dog Academy, and I based it on the top dog symbol on my U-Haul jacket. ^_^ It's cool.

I walked home without my coat on today, and I wasn't cold. It's supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow, and that's not logical for us up here, especially during December.

I'm gonna head off to bed, and hopefully, I'll come up with a new character bio for all you wonderful people out there. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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