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Entry 542 - Updates

Yes, another entry within the same month. I'm getting back to this, slowly, I just hate posting when I have nothing interesting to post about.

Issues in last entry have been resolved--well, what could be resolved. Tentative plans with Raine tomorrow afternoon--now I hope they actually happen.

Went to the mall today and bought my calendar and datebook for next year. Bought a couple of books and did a short lunch with Raine before she went back to work.

Got my schedule for the week of thanksgiving. 3:45 in the morning until noon for my 'Black Friday' shift. Basic plan is to eat a lot the night before, take a long nap, and then stay up until then. I can sleep when I get home.

My reward, as I see it, is a lovely four-hour shift in shoes the next day. I approve. ♥

I signed up for this year's OSW gift-fic challenge (like secret santa, only with less people). Not exactly sure what I'll write, but I'll see when the assignments come out. I've been wanting to write lately. Maybe someday I'll be able to get back to the 'rewrite' and actually get somewhere with it--last thing I wrote was entering the woods, I think.

Tomorrow is a short day for me, luckily--five hours. Raine is out by two. We can only hope.

In the meantime, I distract myself with other things--mostly shiny things, because after all, aren't some of the best things in life shiny and distracting? :)

...I know, some things are soft and fluffy, but anything can be shiny if one just believes enough. :)

Why yes, I do need a life, thank you for asking. I'm currently working on getting one--perhaps after the holiday is over and things settle down again, I'll have better luck. I'm trying, anyway.

Stress levels are high, and once we hit the month's end, it's all downhill from there. Of course, it's always easier to go downhill than back up, especially at top speed...

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