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Entry 541 - Royal Duty?

Election day. We came, we voted, and we went home and did lunch afterwards. Now, we wait.

The weekend didn't exactly go as planned--the girls and I talked, Raine went ":D" over me having a DS now and proceeded to point out all the games she thought I needed, and we discussed meeting up after she got out (this was Sunday, mid-afternoon).

Since the mall closes at six pm on Sundays, and Raine was working to help close, Lynn and I talked about what to do. She wanted to stay and do some job hunting, so I ultimately decided to go home and wait for them to call. I even passed the message on to Raine, who said that she was free on Monday and if that night fell through, perhaps the next day would be better.

My phone rang at exactly six-thirty, and the girls decided that we should cancel for that night, because Lynn wasn't feeling well (and Raine was getting there). I thought that was okay, and hoped for Monday.

Fast forward. I came home from work Monday afternoon, and hopped online. Raine was on, so we chatted for a bit. I asked if she wanted to meet up as she suggested, but got no answer. She soon logged off.

I called her cellphone, but no answer. Left voicemail, and curled up for a short nap.

A couple hours later, I tried again. Still no answer, and I left another voicemail. By that point, however, it was almost six at night and I had a feeling there was no way we were meeting. I mostly just wanted to hear from her, to see what happened.

Talked to Lynn--she said that she had heard nothing from Raine, either.

Tried calling earlier today, and got no answer--didn't bother to leave voicemail this time because I figured she wouldn't get it. I'm not angry, I'm just waiting for an answer. I hate being left in the dark when people don't update me on things.

Raine said she saw my last entry--maybe she'll see this one and send an answer. I have to know.

OSW is in a vacation-break of sorts, especially since this month is the novel challenge. I think all but two players are doing NaNo, so play is a bit slow. I can't remember the last time I posted, but lately, I've just been so distracted. I'll have to catch up again.

People have asked if I was going to do NaNo this year. I haven't done so yet, and probably never will. I've lost my focus on writing, and I can't force myself to bring it back. Maybe I'll be able to write again someday, but for now, I'd rather cheer on those doing the challenge.

Besides, I've gotten behind on OSW, I should focus on that first.

Also, I have my games. I think I'm getting the hang of the DS controls, and I'm having a good time. It's recharging again now, since I've played it so much tonight. Have made my way up to world five with my favorite pink princess, and I'm liking the emotion powers. It's like a dream come true, this game. ♥

I guess I just have a lot on my mind lately. It's fall, the holiday season is about to start, and the stress level will only go up from here. I just have to keep smiling.

After all, it might be the only way to get safely through the busy season.


ETA: Election results are in. Obama/Biden wins. One less thing to stress over, I think.
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