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Entry 540 - One Step Forward

It's been a while since the last update, I know. I think I've been busy, but I can't remember.

Or maybe I've been trying to be distracted, to make it seem like I have a life. Not sure anymore.

So the tribe plans for halloween fell through--Raine had work, as you can see from her schedule in her entry, and Lynn couldn't get the officials to accept her plan change. Maybe next year.

I spent the night on candy duty--we only had three groups of people come by within an hour, and by about seven, things were really quiet. Not a big turnout this year, we were surprised.

However, after the clouds comes the sun. For you see, there is good news in here.

Raine and Lynn don't know this yet, because it's been so soon and I haven't heard from them (and don't dare to call Raine, she doesn't need me stressing her out more), but they'll find out.

My brother has tried talking me into getting used to console gaming, or to at least get a newer handheld. Specifically, a DS. I've told him that I'll consider it--after all, I'm not good with changes, as those who know me will testify. After a bit of talking, he and I talked again on the subject.

Sitting beside me now, on my desk, is a metallic pink DS lite--delivered today, ordered the other night.

Yes, he convinced me. I still want to keep my SP--after all, I have a few older GB/GBC games that won't play on the DS, so why give those up? I'm still new to all the additional nifty stuff the DS offers, but with some practice (and some good starting games), I should adapt well.

He let me pick the color and what game I wanted with it. The pink one was the only one I liked. He ordered it, and the game will come by regular mail in a few days.

We went to get a "midnight meal" earlier, and we chatted about the upcoming holiday season and the fact that Lynn is going out to her mom's for Christmas. He was surprised I hadn't been invited to go on the ride down--Raine is driving her down and they're staying overnight before Lynn hops on the plane, they said.

I told him I didn't know, and I figured they wanted to have a trip just the two of them. It works and it's simple. Besides, it's none of my business, right?

AOL journals is gone, but mom now has an account on LJ. I helped her pick out a mood theme the other day, and she's willing to give it a try. Today she taught me how to make her apple pie, and it turned out pretty good for my first attempt.

Work is picking up, as we're starting to get into the holiday season day by day. Voting date for the family is coming up--I haven't wanted to talk political stuff in my LJ, and I think it'll stay like that.

I suppose that I should get to bed, before I wind up sleeping the day away again. Maybe I can meet up with Lynn later, if she's not busy.

Part of me still feels like I'm the one who prompted Raine's stressed-out LJ entry.


(No music this time, as it's late and I'm heading to bed. Maybe next time.)
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