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Entry 539 - Live and Learn

The subject line is almost like a mantra now. I take a look at how things go, and I keep reminding myself.

Times have been stressful here lately. AOL is closing the journals--mom is upset because it was one of her ways to unwind. The glass room is finally getting the beautiful tile floor done, but so much work is involved that mom loses track of time on it. My brother continues his work and keeping up the home network.

I survived another year of inventory, and I consider myself rewarded with a shoe shift on Friday. I'm still calming back down after all that counting, and I even have my math paper to show for it!

The cat's been acting odd lately, so we've all been busy keeping an eye on her. She still eats and sleeps like normal, so we don't follow her, we just check on her every so often.

The tribemates and I had a pretty nice gaming session on Sunday--relatively short because of timing, but we still got stuff worked on. We passed around a bottle of sparkling apple cider, which took all three of us to open--the bottle opener we had access to wasn't very good.

Raine and I discussed meeting up on Monday after she got out of work, when she dropped me off, but I waited and never heard back from her. By the time it got to be late Monday night, around 8:30? I gave up. I do hope she gets ahold of me sometime, I have something I'd like to discuss with her--Lynn, too.

Earlier today, I realized something. For many years, in the time I've known the others, my house has been a safe haven for when they need an escape. I've been proud that we can provide that, that my friends (and those of my brothers) could come here and be safe and welcomed.

I don't have a place like that, because I have here, but what if things were to get bad here? I wouldn't have a place to go like the others do. Maybe I'm just overreacting to things.

I admit, I get overemotional at times, and sometimes it gets really ridiculous. I should work on toning down my emotion level--being overly sensitive does nothing to help me. Maybe I'm lonely--Raine works two jobs and Lynn seems to always be busy. Maybe I need more to do.

Still stalled on writing. I feel like the ideas are all clogged up and won't flow. Maybe once things settle down and the weather changes again, I'll get inspired.

I can hope, anyway. In the meantime, maybe I can just keep dreaming.

Of course, dreaming would work better if I could sleep better. Stress doesn't help, either.

Well, tomorrow is a new day, as the saying goes. As my mantra and learn.


(My mantra is actually the current music. I did promise music for the next entry!)
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