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Entry 537 case you didn't notice the date, yes, this is the day after my birthday. 22.

Doesn't feel much different from being 21, really. Oh well, it'll settle in eventually.

Yes, I'm also aware that it's been over a month since last update as well, some of my readers have reminded me of this and I figured I should fix that again. What can I say? It hasn't been an exciting month.

Work proceeds as usual. Slowly moving through the seasons and all--well, as slowly as we can. The other girls have been busy lately, so not much in the way of meeting. Plus, with the weather as crazy as it's been, well...yeah.

Writing is pretty much stalled. I read, I do stuff in OSW, but writing has just escaped me. I hope that when the weather gets nice again, the tribe can make another trip to the woods and we can actually do some site research and all.

Plus, I want to get back into working on the 'rewrite' since I've gotten ideas for the second half, even though I haven't even really gotten far in the first half yet. Yay for my brain, or something.

I got spoiled yesterday and I like it. A few books and some clothing, a new game, and breakfast from mom--later ice cream and gamerdorking with the tribemates. Raine is up to the end of the last domain, and blue leader cheatface is about to get handed his arse on a platter.

...or he will when he stops killing the tribe, that is.

More plotting for the 'rewrite' was done during our hangout time. Of course, it's mostly for the second half (character battles), even though I've barely worked on the first (mecha battles). Oh well, planning in advance might help. Mainly, we talked about fighting details--skills and such. Raine is our fighter/melee specialist, but the different keyblades help give her magic or other abilities (the first variant gives her ice magic). Lynn is pretty balanced, but mostly fighter with some magic skills (water/ice, maybe healing and some others). As for me, well, I'm pretty much mage and support, with a bow and nifty magic skills (fire and revive, with the ability to use lightning as well).

Jin doesn't get magic because he's not really good with it--he can keep his sword and use items. :)

The mecha battles should be fun, since we get to pilot and do nifty things with big dramatic weapons. The character battles will be even more dramatic, and we can throw in more references there.

I guess this might get long, and I have some OSW stuff to catch up on, so this will get posted now. Any other updates will be posted after--I'll try and post more often, now that we're late in the season.


(Next update will have music, I promise. I've got new things to listen to, after all!)
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