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Entry 536

No, this time I don't have a catchy subject line. It's been a long weekend and today was a long day, so I can't really think of anything. However, I figured I should update, so update I shall.

It's been a month since my last update, sadly, and not a lot has happened. My appointments went well, mom's appointments went well, we've been cleaning and sorting and keeping busy. I managed to get a few new pages written on the 'rewrite' before another delay--I have some site research to do before I finish this chapter, and what better to do than run around with friends while I explore? :)

(For those who don't know--the area in question is the other set of pretty wooded walking trails in town, and the place has a pond and some nice gentle cliffs. 'Tis the setting for the current chapter, and as I haven't been to this place in ages, it seems like a good time to go. Plus, bringing the others means that we can play games and such, just like the old days!)

I have another story idea kicking around in my head, something fantasy-like. Still in the early planning stages, and might not go anywhere, but it's worth thinking about.

We got Raine further in her game--finally into the last domain we need to assimilate. :)

It's good that the three of us have cellphones with text message programs, or we might never be able to track each other down well enough. Mine has an extra benefit for me--it has 'insert notes' to make things even quicker. I'm still practicing with using it, so maybe someday I'll be just as good.

More good news, this time on the work front: this weekend gives me something to look forward to indeed. Friday and Saturday, I'm scheduled for a five-hour night shift--in shoes, of all places! I think the managers are willing to throw me down there again, I'm very good. Both nights, must mean that it's very important. I just hope someone tells me what my duties are for that shift--usually they do.

So fair warning to my OSW comrades, I won't be on Friday night but I'll certainly be on Saturday night after I get home. Of course, that depends on what next week's schedule looks like, but I'll be sure to check that tomorrow and adjust if I need to.

One of my biggest problems lately is the fact I have so many ideas and so many empty notebooks, but yet I can't seem to focus on writing anything. It feels like my talent is drying up, and this worries me. I hope that doing the trip to the woods will help jumpstart something, even if it's just the 'rewrite' getting worked on more.

...for being such a quick update, this sure got long. Oh well, after a month of silence, I suppose I had more to say than I thought.


(I suppose this icon has become my "tribe-related" icon, considering the whole 'trio' thing. It works!)
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