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Entry 535 - Opening Sunlight

Yes, I'm trying to come up with nifty titles for my entries. This one is relevant, too! :)

Mom's birthday was yesterday, so I treated her to breakfast at our favorite little place across town. Nice and casual, and we had a good time. Came home to rest, and then she was able to do other things that she wanted. A day that she got to control.

The boys bought her flowers, from what I saw. Mom was happy to get her day as she wanted it.

Today I had an appointment with my new eye doctor. Everything's fine, but I had to get drops so they could really make sure. I hate things being in my eyes, this is why I don't have contacts. Oh well, at least I could come home after and sleep--which I did, for a few hours. Those things made me tired.

The bridge that's been closed since October is finally open--first day open, in fact. Mom woke me after a few hours of sleep to let me know dinner was here (pizza tonight), and then told me she'd take me to see the bridge. Very nice job they did on it.

Raine said that Lynn would be at her house this weekend to cat-sit, but no luck seeing her online and hearing from her at all. Part of me wonders if I should still go over tomorrow. I can easily take the bus over, but if nobody will be there it'll be a waste of time. I have no way to get ahold of her, so I have to hope she'll see this and get ahold of me. After all, maybe she'll want company.

I know I do.

Oh well, maybe once Raine gets back, if we get a chance, we'll hang out again. I'll get back to writing again sometime. Also, she was excited and plotting trip ideas for the summer--that hinges, of course, on her schedule and that of Lynn, as I'm never really the problem.

I'm still coming up with ideas for the 'rewrite' and bouncing them off the other tribe members, but sometime I'd like to get back into the actual writing. At least the ideas I've suggested have gone over well--though I do think the battles might be the hard part, as exciting as they'll be.

Raine with her shiny weapons, Lynn with her strength and magic, me with the magic and the ailment-weakness. It's almost like we belong in this game. :)

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