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Entry 534 - Shining Prayer

I'll explain the subject line later, I promise. It's relevant, seriously--Raine will get it, I know, and I'm sure Lynn will as well.

So, since the last update, it's started getting hot. We're making do with open windows and fans for right now, waiting for a good rainstorm, but at some point, we'll have to cave and put in the air conditioners. Oh well, summer is coming, after all.

Met Raine for lunch today, and she showed me her weapon designs (so far) for the 'rewrite'. Not bad at all--they definitely look well-done. More inspiration, yay. At some point, we'll need to make the official list of references, so she'll be able to work on the others. Of course, we need to have an official meeting to see how I can get writing on this again, I'm seriously stuck. There will be sideplots, too, and lots of battles.

I think Raine and Lynn are looking forward to the battles the most. :)

If Raine gets free time tomorrow, she and I might try making a goodwill run--she needs work shoes, after an unfortunate accident involving her old ones and the cats. She says they were too small anyway. I've been hoping to go to goodwill for a while, so this will be a good time to do it. Yay supplies.

I don't know if Lynn will see this, but if she does, I'm wondering if she would like to meet this weekend, while she's catsitting. I'm free on Saturday, if that works, and I can take the bus over. That'll be something to talk about, though, but I think Raine is cool with it.

Also, Raine said something about possible summer trip ideas for the tribe. Yay vacation! :) Can't be stressed and saving the world all the time, even the hero and company get breaks.

That might be something to put in the 'rewrite' too, since we'll definitely need breaks there.

OSW progresses, like normal. Lan made art stuff for the subplot we planned--very well-done. Should we fun when we get there, and hopefully I don't mess up. It'd be a shame if I did.

Planning on pasta for dinner, I have that package in the fridge I need to use and a can of sauce in the cupboard. I might wait until it cools off more, though, running the stove would be rather awful right now.

I moved my fan to the floor again, second day in a row, and that's how I'm riding out the heat. We have storms in the forecast, so I hope we get rain soon. I'm almost wishing for winter again.


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