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Entry 533 - Yard Sale Showers

Today actually had some interesting moments, so I think I'll update. Sadly, it's rather steamy inside now because we have a storm passing through and I closed all the windows. Oh well, it was expected.

Our next-door neighbors had a yard sale today, so of course I had to go browse. Who am I to pass up a sale? I came out of it with a handful of trading cards, a book I've wanted, a little bag of crystal prisms, a couple of old glass cola bottles and a shiny metal tin mold. A good handful of rare item finds. :)

The sign said it ended at three, so I went over before then. I collected some items, paid for them, and then loitered a bit to chat. We started hearing thunder, and dark clouds were looming overhead. As by then, it was time for the sale to end, I stayed to help pack up items and move things into the garage.

I'm used to working fast and moving fast, due to my job, so I wanted to be sure everything got in safely. I tucked my own purchases aside and put my all into helping. We managed to move everything inside before the rain started to pick up.

When the rain hit a lull, and was back to light sprinkles, I ran for home and started shutting windows. Luckily, there were only a few open--the living room ones and the skylights in the glass room. I closed the windows and checked the skylights--they have rain sensors, and one had already closed.

As I type this, the rain has picked back up. Not a problem--everyone's safe now.

I've been cleaning lately, so I set aside a few things for local friends. There's a box of stuff for Raine--I'll bring it to her Wednesday, if we still meet. A couple things that I have for Lynn were items she gave me once, long ago--I'll see if she wants them back, it's like I'm running my own storage service. :)

As for writing, I'm taking another break. Honestly, I know that I have too much free time and I should be able to work on stories, but I guess I'm just burnt right out. I work on cleaning to see if that helps, and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get back to something. The trilogy will get finished, but I'm not sure when.

The 'rewrite' is currently, and possibly will remain, on hold. After all, we still need a tribe meeting for decisions on things--can't be a team with only one person, and the others are in this, too.

Like that corny commercial theme once said, "we're all in this together." :)

So here I sit, typing this up, and listening to the sound of thunder outside. Not summer yet, but it seems like it's close enough.

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