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Entry 532 - Spring Showers

I woke up today to the sound of rain outside my open window. That was followed by my mother coming up to close windows, including my own. The sky was blue, and it was sunny out--there were a few clouds, though.

I sit at my computer and I can start hearing thumping on the skylights in mom's room next door--usually raindrops get loud when they hit the windows. Not just rain, though.

That's right. We started out with some rain showers, and we just got a shower of hail. Not very big, luckily, barely even pea-sized, but still much louder than normal rain.

Now I'm hearing thunder, too. Lovely.

Rumor among the tribe says Raine got her license plates. We'll need to celebrate that sometime soon--maybe Friday, if the weather stays nice and we meet to go riding around.

(I don't see us going anywhere right now, anyway. Mom and I have grocery shopping to do, but certainly not until this weather clears.)

So many story ideas to work on, and I can't seem to focus on anything. Maybe I'll need to throw my headphones on, play some music, and relax. I'll come up with something.

(After all, at least one of my fellow OSW players is awaiting the conclusion of the trilogy!)

Anyway, just a little update. More to come later, I think I'll vacate the computer for a bit until the thunder stops.

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