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Have I mentioned that Mondays are really bad?

Well, today wasn't too bad. I watched a video in health, corrected homework in math, did a worksheet in civics, finished Act 4 in english, and took that quiz in science. All in all, good day. Reading was working on papers and reading our books.

I'm hoping to get together with my buds and do something fun. Maybe we can go bowling this time around or something. I still need to get that pic from Jessie, and I haven't seen her in a long time. Carrie came over yesterday and we had a battle with her Clow cards. She gave me 2 and I beat her in the game. ^_^ I now have the song and the voice, which happen to reflect 2 of my best talents. It's cool.

Somebody had already gotten the windy card, or I would've chosen that one. Oh, well. *shrugs*

Kelly and I are going to try to do the story session this weekend, since her parents didn't give an answer for the last weekend.

Mike and I might get together after school sometime soon...maybe this week or something. I'd like to go back down to Fifth St. and surprise the guys. Last time we did that, I found Carrie and scared the heck out of her. I laughed. So did she. ^_^

Maybe if I'm really lucky, I can go back to Garland St. and see the people there. I miss a bunch of the teachers, and a few have left. Oh, well.

My computer was being weird and wouldn't let me online earlier. So, I'm posting now since I can actually get into my LJ. I still have homework to do, but I don't wanna do it yet. I have a cup of hot cocoa beside me and I'm working on this.

My comments......I need some new people to comment. Alex, Komilla, you all are fine, but I'd like to meet some new people. Leave some comments if anyone else actually reads this thing, anyway.

I have a test over chapter 4 in math tomorrow, so wish me luck. I just hope I pass, considering there's 2 lessons that I have no clue what I'm doing in. I missed one of them, and the other I just didn't get.

Well, Maria and I are slowly working on our story, and I hope we can get to the flashback part in it. We get into where Maria and Dawn meet up as little kids, and it's gonna be fun......if we ever get there.

I need to get to my homework and get to bed. Mom's worried that I'm not getting enough sleep 'cause I stay up 'til 1 and then take a long nap when I get home. Would she rather I sleep during class? I can do that. I used to fall asleep in science class in 6th grade, so I'm used to it. But, I sit in the front of the room in most of them, so I'm not even gonna try.

Well, niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. IM me if you wanna talk. Laters, all!

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