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Entry 530 - May Showers

That's what the weather's been all day, dark and rainy. We had some nice weather earlier in the weekend, and last week, but today's just been wet. Oh well, it makes the grass greener and brings the ducks to the puddle, so it can't be all bad.

I went to bed thinking that I would get up and go off to work, spend my time, and come home. Instead, I woke up with cramps, feeling like I would cry (I think I did, actually), and just generally hormonal and miserable. Decided that if I didn't even feel like being up, and if I was up, it was in the bathroom, I called in. That makes me feel even more upset--I called in one day last week, and I worry that I was really needed and I couldn't make it. I must try to work harder and have less lousy days.

So today, I took several doses of advil, made several trips to the bathroom, and at least got some sleep. Lately, the sleep thing has been difficult--I wind up going to bed late and sleeping in until noon or so on days I have off (which usually means most of the week), and this fouls up my schedule so that on days I have to work (once or twice a week, lately), I can barely sleep.

Mom suggests that my medicine might be a bit of the issue, as we've changed things here and there. I think that might be part of it--I also admit, I screwed up my sleep habits and now I'm not sure how I can fix them. Hopefully we can work together. Tonight, I'm determined to be in bed before midnight.

Tomorrow is a long work day--a truck shift, if I read the schedule right, and I'm listed as 6-2. Must be a big truck if they're scheduling people for that long. I get a lunch, anyway, and I'll bring my meds with me.

In other news: my body chose today to remind me I was born female. Sigh. I wanted to carve my female organs out with a spoon this morning, I don't want to deal with this nonsense. I'd rather deal with hot flashes.

Mom has been cleaning the garage, bit by bit. Things are being sorted, thrown out, moved, or given away to new homes. I once found a unicycle at a yard sale and bought it--she found it, and we decided to donate it to the shriner clowns. Well, to a shriner clown who's a friend of the family, anyway. :)

Lots of sorting and cleaning is going on here, and I plan on helping out as best as I can. My room is stalled a bit right now, as I'm waiting to finish my closet because we need a new spot for the things on the top shelf. At least it's not a rush. I still have other things I can do in the meantime.

OSW news: game is slowly progressing, and people are getting back into the swing of things. I've been recruited by a fellow player for a sub-plot (hello, Lan~) and I'm really excited. I hope I don't mess up.

I'm hoping to start up my writing again, starting with the unfinished trilogy for the OSW site. After all, it's near the end of the story, I should get to the ending at some point. Also, I've talked with my tribemates about the 'rewrite' and plans are in motion for that. We should have an actual planning session at some point, though, because I'm very stuck in the writing.

...first, though, we must get our leader further in her game. :) Distraction~

For those who don't read Raine's journal, yes, she has car. It runs, it has a plate (temporary, but still), and it has shiny orange things inside. A fitting car for our tribe to ride in, and a sturdy vehicle to transport our leader (who is still incredibly excited about it). Win-win.

With Raine having a car, this means that we girls can actually do more stuff together, like make plans for trips and things over the summer and such. Lots to do as the weather gets warmer and we all get more free time...not that I don't have enough already.

Well, this entry is getting long and kinda whiny, so I think I'll end it here. Until next time.

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