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Entry 529 - Spring

Seems like it's finally here, but then, we've been taken by surprise before. Oh well. Today's weather is beautiful, with nice spring wind and everything. The poor flowers can stop being confused and finally bloom, and the ducks are back in the big puddles.

I went and fed the two in our 'pond' some bread. The female is like a little powerboat, she kept just blazing for the bread--I wound up throwing one to distract her and then tossing the male one. :)

It's good to see the snow melting to mud and then hardening to ground again.

Walked down to the corner store yesterday, as the weather was perfect for it. Nice light wind and a bright sun in the sky. Today, it's even nicer--and yes, that's possible!

Work goes as usual--only been getting a day or two per week lately, but that's not bad. Next day on my schedule is Monday, so we'll see how that truck goes. :)

Hit a snag in OSW posting, but I plan on catching up today. We're slowly getting back into full-group plots again--how I've missed them. After all, we have a new person, so we should really work together on making her feel welcome, right?

(A note: OSW is full of female players. We've had one male in the history of the game, and he didn't last long. Is this a sign?)

Hoping to meet with Raine and Lynn at some point, as we have a story to talk about, a game party to have, and Raine and I need to talk car. :) Mom's will be here soon!

In the meantime, life goes on. I know what we're doing is the right thing.

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