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Entry 528 - Spring Cleaning

Yup, still going. More sorting through clothes, more plush toys being set aside for yardsale, more dusting and running the vacuum. We had a few flurries today, so no open window, but perhaps this weekend if the weather permits.

More sorting will happen, and a few more things might be parted with, but for right now, I'm taking it a little at a time. Emptied a cardboard storage box, threw most of the stuff in it into a yardsale bin, and gave the empty box to mom. The few things I kept from it will find a new place in my room.

A note: found my little supersoaker, with its holster. Also found my brother's old one, that I inherited. :)

Cleared out the drawer from my desk a little bit ago, and put that in the other room. It'll probably get disposed of, as it really can't be put back on and it's not very good for anything else. We'll see, though. It's amazing how just hitting it the wrong way by accident long ago made it just release and crash to the floor. Oh well. I didn't need it, anyway. :) Must've been a sign.

I think I've earned a pudding tonight, so I'll make sure I grab one later. ♥

Friday is the shoe workshop at work--I'm excited about it. Casual dress, luckily, so I can wear my jeans and a nice shirt or something. Should be a fun time, it's three hours and I'll still be home at my usual time.

Haven't heard anything from Lynn, but I assume Saturday's meetup is still on. Hopefully if things change, she'll let me know as soon as she can.

In the meantime, I enjoy some time off, and work on clearing out the stress. It's pleasant, getting rid of the excess stuff. It's like taking a weight off my body--and my room. After all, I'm an adult, and I have too much stuff that I don't need anymore, things that can go to a new home where they'll be used again, not forgotten.

That, and it opens space for new things. Being a packrat is an odd thing. :)

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