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Entry 527 - LJ Protest?

Making the usual browsing rounds today, I came across a post mentioning a mass protest dated for Friday, 21 March. This was the first I'd heard about it, and there were entries linked to that explained the idea, so I took a look.

I understand people want their basic-level accounts, but the plus-level ones, even with the ads, are mentioned as being free as well. I understand people want their free accounts without ads, but the LJ company doesn't want to keep those. Plus-level is still free, based on what I read, so there's still a free level account.

The other thing was issues with the interest list, or popularity list, or whatever that was. Someone mentioned that had been fixed and all issues with it were resolved, so that takes that out.

I have a permanent-level account here, this one. All three of my OSW character journals, however, are basic-level. From what I read in the FAQ, the basic accounts from before 12 March will stay, but no new basic-level accounts can be created after that date. The plus-level ones are still free, however.

So really, I think I missed why there's a protest. Can someone explain, or am I the only one not getting it?

Those of you out there doing your protest, I wish you luck, but one day out of so many might not be the way to do it. If the company has made their decision, there might not be a way to change their minds.

I wish you all luck with your plan, but I might sit this one out.

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