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Entry 526 - Go On

The title is exactly what I've been doing lately. Real life doesn't stop, after all, even if I want it to. :)

Nice weather today, but windy. Tomorrow is slated to be nice, though, so errands will be run--grocery shopping, med fetching, any excuse to be out and about. Perhaps if the weather permits, I can open my window for a bit again.

Spring cleaning has begun here. Spent some time tonight sorting things and packing up stuff for yardsale purposes. My bedding was washed recently, and it's so lovely to sleep on clean bedding. I believe I spent the first night with my face in my blanket, as it smells so wonderful. :)

Sorted clothing and shoes earlier, and sent quite a bit of wardrobe to the yardsale storage. Three pairs of shoes went into the bin, as I either won't wear them again or simply can't. Oh well.

Sorted my plush toy collection, as it was getting to be too much for that shelf. Managed to fill a big white basket and half of a large box, and my closet looks much better. Had to hang my robes in mom's closet because she had the space, and I was able to sort through clothing in there, too.

Maybe tomorrow I'll sort through my books again or something. My room is slowly getting better, and it's lovely having more floor space.

Spent time with Lynn yesterday, and had a wonderful time. Hopefully the weather for Saturday is good, we have plans.

Haven't talked to Raine recently, but if she sees this, please message me? I have something you might like. :)

Have a price change shift next Monday. I'm not so good at those, mostly because it's a long day (6 to 2:30) and I'm not very quick. I'll just make sure I take my pill with me, I can take it on my lunch break. Oh well, it's extra money, anyway, and that's helpful.

Yes, I did wear green today, in case anyone is wondering. After all, I'm not so foolish I'd forget. :)

So my room is off to a good start, anyway. Still some work to do--more runs of the vacuum, more dusting, more sorting and boxing up of things, and some moving around. It's good, though--spring is coming!

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