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Where is everybody all of a sudden? I'm alone...and I don't like it...

I'm starting to wonder about the location of all my buds. I mean, Mike said he'd call me back twice today, and he hasn't. Carrie said she'd call back once, and still hasn't. I was gonna invite her over, too...and I told her that when she came online. Then she logged off and hasn't come back. Jessie didn't feel like talking, and I begged Kelly to ask her parents about the story session tomorrow. *sigh* My friends are so weird. I don't even talk to Steph anymore. I can never get to talk to her anymore, so I've given up.

Maria's ignoring me, and she says she busy, but doesn't have her away message on, so how was I supposed to know? If she's too busy to talk, she should have her away message on. So, she sould make up her mind, 'cause she's done this all week, going on a month.

I'm trying to come up with ideas on these entries. It's hard, though, so bear with me, k? ^_^

Lidian finished her novel, and I praise her for her good job. I found her LJ in random and I decided to save it 'cause it looked cool. I checked out the new chapters as they came out all the way up to the end. The ending was quite the plot twist, but a good ending to a great story. Hope you write more! ^_^

I've saved a lot of various LJs to my favorites folder and I've loved looking at all of them. I keep myself occupied by looking at them every time I need a happy pick-me-up. Some just help me unwind, and others give me some insight into other subjects. So, it all works out pretty well.

Next time, Mike, when you come up with a group get-together, can we go do something else instead? Maybe we could try bowling or something next time...that could be fun, huh? IM me or something. Btw, Mike has IMs back up. At least, that's what he told me, anyway. *shrugs*

School is going fine. Here's what I sould expect on Monday:

Mods 1-2: Health. Grades or something on our test. >< *shudders*
Mods 3-4: Algebra. More hw, test over chapter 4 on Tuesday.
Mods 5-6: Probably a retake of our 4-2/4-3 quiz, explain below.
Mods 7-8: Act 4, scene 4-5, questions due. Quiz sometime soon.
Mods 9-10: Lunch and study hall. No change. Work on my stories.
Mods 11-12: Science. Quiz over planet info.
Mods 13-14: Focus study hall. Work on stories or run any errands.
Mods 15-16: Reading. I finally took my book test and I'm all set for this quarter. I started a new book, and it's only my third book for the year! ^_^ I'm not doing so bad, huh?

I'm so above average in reading, and I'm so loving it. ^_^

In civics, the teacher accidentally gave us quizzes over something we hadn't even done yet. Oh well.

Well, I'm gonna get going now. Niters, all... sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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