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Entry 525 - Rainy Lazy Saturday

Yup. Title sums it up pretty well. At least it's rain, though, and not ice or more snow. Can't open the window today, but had it open for a few hours yesterday! It was nice to get an air change in here, after being all sealed up for the winter.

Didn't do bedding and such, mom says she wants to do hers at some point so maybe we can do it all in one fell swoop. Makes it easier, anyway.

Did go shopping and got our med refills. I have cheesecake and it's pretty. Also have my official plush bunny for this year--it's a cadbury bunny that makes the clucking sound. Total win. ♥

Monday's shiny awesome shoe unload shift? Not happening, sadly. Booooo. I seriously made pouty faces and went "booo" at the answering machine when I heard, it's kind of sad.

Oh well, means I get to sleep in some more, and then Tuesday is my shiny brain-doctor appointment. That should be fun, I guess.

Spring is coming, I can sense it. I found a ladybug on the bathroom door--definitely a sign.

Referencing the past entry and my distraction by shiny things, started researching another game last night. Apparently I have a curse or something--a lot of my favorites are minor characters who don't get much screentime, and most of them wind up dead at some point. Seriously.

(Will love on anyone who could maybe make me an Ion icon? Will pay with fic?)

I've decided to put the 'rewrite' on hold for a bit, until I can have a tribe meeting with the girls. Honestly, it's a bit stuck right now, so I need to talk with the others to see how we want this to go. Can we pull it off sometime, tribemates?

Besides, at some point we get to script out the ES battles, and I know you two will have fun with those. :)

A question to the LJ code savvy: now that I have the username/commname/heart codes, how does one make music notes? I think it's something that I should have in my memory, just in case. :)

(Yes, there will be music in this entry, I've missed it so much. Let's see...)

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