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Entry 524 - Updates

First, I doubt she'll see this unless something magical happens, but happy birthday to tribemate Lynn, who levels up and gains another year today. Call me sometime, yeah?

Spent yesterday at home because the weather was crap and I woke up feeling like such, so it was a wise decision to not leave the house at all. A great idea, in fact--the weather got worse as the day went on, and the city closed the schools again. Three days in summer for the school kids, so far. :)

Today, we spent the time at work pushing rails. Just the rails, nothing else. Probably the rest will get done at some point later, and as for the shoes, well...

Manager K was making the rounds and asking us if we wanted to sign up for extra days: a regular "let's push more stuff" on Sunday, and a shoe pushing on Monday. Obviously, I went for the Monday shift. Yay shoes. ♥

Next truck, I believe, is Wednesday. We have to get the stuff from yesterday's truck pushed and some fixtures empty before we even think about unloading another truck. I think we can do it, though.

Weather was nice enough today, I almost opened my window. Perhaps tomorrow, if the bright sunshine and not-freezing stuff continues. Icy stuff expected Saturday.

As much as I usually like winter, I want spring to come. As soon as possible.

Grocery shopping to do tomorrow, as well as a drugstore run. Mom's low on her meds, and I'm nearly out of one of mine. :)

(A note--for some reason, I randomly want cheesecake. I have no clue why, I just want some.)

Probably more cleaning to do this weekend--change my bedsheets, change my pillowcases, maybe wash my big green pillow. Need to glue the horn back on my unicorn lamp, poor thing. :) Also might try to glue the horn on the unicorn statue I was given. Lots to do for spring.

OSW news: I'm easily distracted by shiny things, and I find myself randomly comparing characters and pairings in-game to characters and pairings from videogames or anime or something. I'm trying to keep it to myself more, though, because I think it would drive the other members crazy. This might be why I like playing as Suzume (my gamerdork character) so much, though--she does the same thing, but she knows when to be serious and focused (not that I don't).

Of course, I have Andie to indulge my romantic side (her and Percy? official item now, oh yes) and Meredith to indulge my...snarky coffee-addict side? I don't know. I need to get her out more, though. After all, she has a sword, and her shiny game-inspired twin powers. Maybe not wonder twin powers, but still kinda cool.

I have the chatroom crew to give me something to look forward to. Maybe I'm lonely, I don't know. Raine works a lot, I don't hear from Lynn anymore, and the one person I usually hung out with moved to CT, so I'm a bit desperate at times. I'm trying to distract myself, and for the most part, it works.

Once the weather starts getting nicer, though...

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