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Entry 523 - Gamerdork Cheerleading

Yes, the title is going to be explained, just give me a bit. First, the beginning of this adventure. :)

To make sure I didn't oversleep, I set my alarm for 10:30. Hit the snooze until 11, got up and got dressed, and made lunch. Packed what I was going to take with me (new guide and all the 'rewrite' materials) into my old blue backpack.

Decided to wear my black hat and my white scarf, with my black gloves. Nice and warm.

I wasn't the only one getting off at my stop, luckily, so that made things easier. Took my usual route down, not too icy or anything. It started to snow or ice or something on my way, but it wasn't too bad.

Made it to the music shop with time to spare, so we chatted and stuff with a friend of hers. Left at 2 when she got out, and we debated on food. Decided on pizza.

(We forgot the leftovers we had boxed up when we left, though. Oops.)

Raine showed me the new place she and her roommates had picked out, and then we continued on to her house. Checked ebay for stuff, then set up the gaming. Perhaps next time I should bring my pom-poms, I'm a pretty good gaming cheerleader.

No miniskirt required, either. :)

With some time, and a continue or two, we finally got her further in one game. She's finally off that first ship, and into her new location. Currently, she's on the little rescue mission (and thinks MOMO is the cutest thing ever, because she seriously is), and maybe next time we can get her even further.

I brought my shiny new guide, so we fangirled over that for a little while, until my ride came to get me. Raine's happy, I'm happy, all is well.

I don't mind that I have to work tomorrow...and Wednesday...and Thursday. :) I like being back up to my usual routine, though I don't know exactly what I'll be doing the other two days. Will it really take so long to push everything?

Whatever it is, we can do it. Our team runs like a well-maintained machine. :)

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