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Entry 522 - More Winter

The storm has come and gone. More snow, but today is bright and sunny. However, the wind has picked up, so it's very cold out...again. At least tomorrow is still looking nice, but I think I'll be wearing my gloves.

Possibly my purple hat, and a scarf as well. :) Might as well bundle up if it's very cold.

Tuesday is looking better, and Wednesday is just expecting rain now. Hopefully as the month goes on, we'll start getting less snow and more rain--a sure sign of spring!

I work three days this week--a good sign of me being back up to speed. First week back was one day, second was two. I'm glad to be back into my usual swing, I really missed it.

Also--the shoe set went pretty well, but was still unfinished in places when we arrived on Friday morning. I was sent down to unload racks, as usual, but then, everyone else was sent down to help. We had the full crew down there pushing shoes, and a lot of people came to me for help. I definitely feel a lot more skilled down there.

(Over break, I looked over the shoe list. No wonder some people got confused, some box numbers were wrong--or they always have been and never fixed, go figure. Lots of stuff going into discontinued status. I like to keep up on things, after all.)

Once we got down to one little rack of assorted "wtf does this go" stuff, the others headed back to their stations and I surveyed what was left. Some of the aforementioned "oops wrong number" stuff, and some that wasn't on the list but I knew was on the floor somewhere. Rather frustrating for the new people who weren't used to the department, I'm sure.

Once it was whittled down to just the brand new stuff (also not on the list, surprise surprise), I was called to leave it for the regular shoe person (poor second chief, he was really stressed with all the unfinished shoe set stuff) and sent off to push other things. Half-hour left on my shift, then.

Grabbed the least-full rack I could find--juniors, girls, and some mens. Real easy.

(A note: juniors is very odd. So tiny, even. I assume I'd need a big size to fit into a pair of those jeans, if I even could. They're cute, anyway.)

With a few minutes left, I had gotten maybe a fifth of the rack complete--mostly a stack of the cute little jeans. I pulled the rack back and by then, time to go. Oh well. I tried, right? :)

All in all, I had a good time in shoes like I usually do. Quite a bit got done, and I helped as much as I could. Hopefully the rest gets completed soon, I'm sure the mess isn't helping at all.

Tomorrow is still looking good, so I hope that mom lets me go. I don't mind the bus at all, or the walking downhill I need to do from the drop-off point. I'd even call her when I got off at Willow, really.

Of course, it's still tomorrow, so she needs to consider it. I only hope we can work this out.


PS: If Lynn sees this, what do you want for your birthday (03/06)? :)
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