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Entry 521 - Winter Storm Watch

Yup. You all see the date. Saturday is the first of March, and we have a winter storm expected this weekend. Monday looks nice, but then we get more lousy snowy weather Tuesday and on.

Hopefully this will be the last of it, and we'll start getting nice spring weather afterwards.

Today was good. Truck day--working with less fixtures than usual, with half our usual crew, and a few other little things that should throw us off. Time goal was 9:25 or so.

Actual time finished? 9 on the dot. 25 minutes ahead of schedule. With all the stuff listed above.

Three trucks in a row finished on or ahead of schedule since I returned. We totally rock at this. :)

Also: good news on the family front. My cousin K had a baby boy earlier tonight. Good-sized kid, too. The extended family is becoming even more extended. She's doing good, and so is he. All is well.

Back up to two or three work days a week. Have this weekend off--which is good, due to the expected weather. Sadly, I work Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and the weather is supposed to be just as bad. Oh well.

At least Monday looks nice so far. Raine works until 2 and is free after that. I'm free that whole day--maybe we can do lunch and hang out. I can hop the bus down like I used to and meet her there. Should be a good time, since it'll be nice and we've been wanting to hang out for a while.

That is, of course, if I can talk mom into not twitching herself into oblivion over the idea of me taking the bus. I know she's trying to feel better about me being away from home, but still. We'll see.

I'm glad to have my lovely healing lotion, my hands have gotten really dry lately. Could be the boxes I handle at work, but mom thinks it's the soap we buy. I'm not the only one with dry hands, it seems.

Tomorrow makes for putting new stuff out on the sales floor--we couldn't push much of it today, because of all sorts of other events going on (the other half of our group was doing markdowns, and the shoe set was just getting over), and we have a lot of rails out back. Should keep us very busy, as always!

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