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Entry 520 - Winter Weather

All's well after the 'storm'--it wasn't that bad, as storms up here usually are. Helped clear the driveway earlier, scraped slush off the walkway. Looks pretty good out there, lovely to see bare pavement.

More expected for Saturday, sadly. I can only hope it misses us, or that Sunday might be nice (and Raine won't have to work, and I'll be free, hope hope hope). I like the idea of meeting once a week, it definitely helps me get out and I know it cheers Raine up.

Definitely plan on writing tonight, if I can get settled enough to focus. After all, lots to do before bed, and bedtime will be rather early tonight. Hopping offline at 11:30, and in bed officially no later than 12:30. I'm determined to get my hours straightened out, 4:30 comes very early.

A letter from the hospital today--they're covering my bill there, which is good. The other bills have been paid and sent out, also good. My debts are over, and I feel much better. I know mom does, as well--she's been just as stressed as I have, if not more. Her being relaxed makes us all relaxed. :)

I plan on getting next week's work schedule tomorrow, which will help in planning anything else. If the week after is in there (which it usually is), that'll be even better. Lots of catching up to do!

A bit of cleaning is going on in my room lately. After all, spring is coming--need to get rid of winter dust and all to make the spring air work better. Still can't wait to finally open my windows again, but with all this snow that keeps getting dropped on us, it feels like ages before we might even get a hint of spring. It might be June before we get there...

I kid, of course. :) Spring will come when it comes, and hopefully it will come early.

One thing I'm happy with about the plans for the 'rewrite'--instead of the crazy world-jumping and random character appearances of the original (which...wasn't very good), there are simply references to other things, like symbols or injokes or just random objects from something. A book here, a piece of jewelry, something random.

Plus, as Raine would tell you, the 'rewrite' is better for one reason--Jin. :)

In the meantime, I work on the various stories I have going, and perhaps someday I'll finish something. I know people are anxious for the end of the trilogy, and at least the first two parts are up (both in my pinkstarandie journal and the official OSW site, go look the site is shiny). I'm at chapter VIII and that's close to the end, I think I can make it there. :)

Besides, if I wait too long, I think some of the fans might threaten to withdraw their ♥ and all. :)

So I'll continue to resume my normal activities, in my writing and my cleaning and my work. Two trucks in a row with time goal met--I think we can keep it up. What do you all think?

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