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Entry 519 - Serious Entry

The subject line is lying to you, as it isn't very serious. :)

A snowy day today, but this morning, mom and I ran important errands. Have money to pay off hospital bills--this is a very good thing. Hit the corner store for a few little things, then went grocery shopping. After all, traditional routine up here is to do grocery shopping before a major (or even not-so-major) storm, to stock up on things. At least we have stuff to make for dinner.

We picked out a turkey, so we can have a lovely meal (and leftovers) with that. :)

Now, I hope that Raine has Saturday off, that would make getting together even easier. Especially if she has car access--then we wouldn't need the bus! We'll have to see, though. In the meantime, I don't work until Thursday, I work Friday, and have Saturday free. It hinges on her schedule.

No force, no rush, no stress, though. :)

To my friendslist, I ask you this. Tell me exactly what you think of me, good or bad. Don't need to be anonymous (I still have that disabled, anyway), tell it like it is. Really. I'd like to know what people think, without any hedging or anything. Go on. Serious. :)

Also: if my tribe leader would like to kick me back into writing, please do. :)


(And yes, there's actually music this time!)
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