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Entry 518 - Work Notes

A lovely day off today. Yesterday was pretty good, and lots got done. Truck crew made time goal again--we were given a two hour limit, and we made it. Finished to back wall by 8 am, and did break.

Total shoe count: three full racks, and one with just a couple columns. Three and and fifth, I said. :)

Got to be in shoes alone for a few hours. Rearranged stuff again, as we're still getting in the new stuff, the transitional season stuff. Managed to succeed with no hair pulling and little stress.

Helped a few people while I was down there, including a man with his little girl. Very well-behaved, very polite and rather quiet. Helpful, too. :) Major points for well-behaved kids.

Let the chief know there were two full racks for him before I left. A little bit past 11, as I had to bring the racks in question down to the department, but it was done and I could go.

Headed over to the mall, and browsed a bit before I met up with Raine for lunch. Went into the toy store to browse, and the overhead, at one point, played the Ghostbusters theme. So of course I had to stay until the song was finished. Love that song. :)

Lunch went well. We did pizza and sodas, and chattered on about stupid things and games and traded silly jokes. We so rarely get to meet anymore, so this was definitely a treat. We hope to do it again sometime soon--perhaps Friday, I work until 11 again, the weather should be nice, and the buses will run!

More snow expected this week. We have an advisory in place for tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. Good for those who want snow, annoying for those who want spring at some point.

Looking at today's date reminds me that it's bitchcakes' birthday. Hooray for her. We've ceased to care. :)

OSW progresses like normal. All sorts of activity going on, romantic and action-based both. Percy seems to have finally gained his courage--perhaps he'll start calling Andie by her first name, too? :)

Meanwhile, I actually have writing going on! The 'rewrite' is a bit stalled, but I'm trying to work through that with Raine. I plan on working through the end of the trilogy, too, as a lot of my OSW castmates are begging for it. Only my beloved beta reader has actually seen it. I thank her for her help.

RPW is still open enrollment, if anyone wants to join and share their original fiction. Really, we don't bite, and we won't stab you with our red pens of writing justice. We simply concrit without stupidity.

After all, that is our motto. :)


ETA, 6:36 pm--Have done a bit of cleaning, helped with a load of laundry, and had dinner. All good.

Opened my armoire and the stupid wood panel on that door came off again. Always that door, too. At least we have a way to get it back on and make it stay, but still. What an annoyance.

My room is looking better, though. At some point, I'll be able to open my windows again!
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