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Entry 517 - More Notes

A lunar eclipse tonight! A sign of things to come, a sign of change. As I speak, it's almost total.

I made a small wish on it, just in case. We need all the luck we can get, and a little extra doesn't hurt. After all, we have so much to do, and it's not over yet.

Plans for the week include muffin baking, a recycling run, and possibly a trip to the dollar store and maybe a haircut if there's time. After all, I need to start looking better. :)

A thought: sometimes it takes a drastic moment for perspective to change. Being in the hospital bored me, and made me wish for home, for everything to be as it was. When I got home, it took some time for things to get back to 'normal', and the little things I used to do automatically (walking, showering, even moving in general) needed some practice. I took those things for granted.

I also couldn't work during my recovery period, and that drove me bonkers. I was desperate to get back up and about, to do what I used to and get back into regular action.

Now, it's like it never happened, and I'm back at work and finally relaxed. I can do what I did beforehand, and I like it. I can go shopping, and help at work, and cook and all that. I might not be able to take the bus alone yet, but I don't have much reason to unless I want to go to the library, but maybe someday.

Of course, the bookstores might miss me, too. Tribe book trip in the future, perhaps? :)

10:09 pm: eclipse is pretty much at full. It's not my first one--I had to document one for a class once. My city is famous for having awful weather on the date of big sky events, like meteor showers and such. Actually having clear skies for something? Definitely worth thinking about.

Will keep you all posted as the eclipse progresses!

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