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Entry 516 - First Day Back

I said yesterday I was feeling the love, right? Today, it was even more love. :)

Came back for a truck day. Pretty good at those, I'm in my little corner and I'm quick. Time goes fast.

Bigger team than usual--this helped in our favor. A few new faces, and lots of the usual crew. I got more hugs, and made one of my teammates sing the rest of the morning. A very good day.

We got the truck done in time, and took our break. Yes, I got to push shoes. Yes, it was still as fun as usual, though lots of new stuff. Getting into sandal weather, apparently!

(Ignoring, of course, the snow still piled on the ground and the ice on the roads, but there's always the people who actually go away on trips to warm places. Vacation...what's that? *headtilt*)

Next time I work is Sunday morning, but I can handle that. Sundays are lovely. One day this week paves the way for three next week. This is good, I love my job.

Glad to be back in action, and so glad people missed me. I really feel like what I does helps make a difference.

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