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Entry 515 - Back to Work, At Last!

...the subject line says it all, folks. Yours truly, after two weeks of sick leave, is finally returning to official routine.

Yes, this does mean getting up at 4:30 to be out the door an hour later.

Yes, this does being being up while it's still dark and making magic happen before we open.

Yes, this means putting away my jeans and casual stuff for a few hours.

We went in today to make the rounds--to visit a few people, and mostly to wander around the shoe department because that's my favorite place. :) Luckily, main chief was there today, so we chatted with him a bit and gave him hugs. Lots of hugs today, overall.

Headed up to CS, got the check I didn't have. Good money! Also picked up the recent manager messages (there's a lot, like usual, nice little newsletter), and found out who to go to for schedule stuff and the direct deposit request form.

More hugs, and my shiny schedule. Going back to work, finally. First day back?

Tomorrow. 6-11. So soon!

Right now, I'm sitting here, typing this up, with a cup of cocoa and a bagel next to me. Today is shaping up to be a good day.

(And in my head, I hear music from the overhead at the store. I am totally thrilled.)

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