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Entry 514 - Frosted Dreams

This entry brings good news! Results from my tests are in. Turns out I'll only have to take my pills at night now, and I can do that. We go to get my lower-dose ones tonight.

Mom and I ran a few errands earlier, to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Sadly, tomorrow brings more ice and snow--gotta love ME winter.

Signs are looking good. Maybe next week I can go back to work! :)

So, to explain the subject line. Before I went to bed last night, I was watching my usual tv shows. Yes, I like food network, I watch good eats, so there. :) Yay food. Apparently, I dreamed up my own episode.

Something about a giant frosted cinnamon roll cream horn. There was also a giant fish made out of bread, and a peanut-butter roll. I think I like food a little too much. It felt like I was really watching tv, though, so maybe I've got powerful dreams?

...or I've been a little too hungry lately. Back down under 150 pounds, though! :)

OSW proceeds as usual. More conflicts, more battles, and people suffering. So exciting!

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