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Entry 513 - More Recovery

Okay, I've delayed on this a few days, but nothing major has gone on, so you didn't miss anything.

Mom and I did grocery shopping, and bought all sorts of good food. Of course, I didn't eat before we left, so wound up with hunger pains halfway through--snagged a sugar cookie from the deli bin (like when I was little--loved those things) and that helped, then ate something major at home.

My brother and I went out and fetched dinner last night, and it was good. Went all the way to the edge of overcity--I hadn't been over there since before my hospital stay! Worth it for the food. :)

Keeping up my medicine--not too much of a problem, I'm willing to take anything to help me.

Today was a major day--bloodwork and breakfast. I've gotten used to being poked with needles, so the drawing was pretty quick. As per tradition, though usually with mom's drawing, we hit our favorite diner on the way back for breakfast. Definitely a good day.

I have a cartoon bandage. I could get used to this.

So far, recovery goes well. I'm able to take the stairs by myself (without the railing, even), to shower, to go outside, to do some of the activities I love. I can shower and wash my hair, and watch videos on youtube. I'm even starting to try writing again, though very slowly.

It doesn't feel like anything happened last week. Soon, I'll be able to go back to work. :)

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