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Entry 512 - Recovery Period: Day 2

Took my shower last night, so I'm all clean and fluffed and brushed and all that. :)

Slept well. Definitely good to be home in my own bed. Only things I'm waiting to heal up now are my tongue, as I chewed up the end of it pretty well. It's healing, though, and I keep drinking lots of cold things and hot stuff to help it along.

Am actually online tonight! It's quiet, as it's early, but I'm online.

I'm happy I've been recovering quick--it'll still be a little while until I can, say, go back to work or run around town like I used to, but I'll just take it one day at a time. Meanwhile, I can eat and drink, and sleep, and take my meds like a good girl. As I get better, I'll be able to focus on cooking and writing and RPing again.

I actually got dressed today. Did a cocoa and donut run with my brother a little bit ago. :)

My hair might need to be trimmed a bit again. I'll make sure it's not too short, I really hope to actually cosplay in the future.

Lots of family and friends calling and stuff lately, which is good. Hoping my cousin handles herself well, and the second cousin on the way doesn't bother her too much. Told him to behave. :)

We have more snow. Not enough for the boys to go out sledding yet, but hopefully before the season ends.

Raine, will you be online tonight? Hope so. Lots to catch up on.

If anyone needs me, you know where I am. I'll be home for a while.

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