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Entry 511 - Recovery Period: Day 1

First full day home, and beginning to feel even better. Still not up to being on AIM yet, but maybe by the weekend. In the meantime, I still have my phone and my LJ.

Thanks to all of you for the comments--definitely helping me feel better there! ♥

Have taken my meds for tonight, and plan on getting a shower soon. After all, my hair's been covered in gunk for a few nights (the gel they use for the EEG), so it really needs a good scrub. Clothing is going in the wash--I have other things I can wear for bed that aren't smelly and stuff.

Have eaten well. Had pasta and veggies for dinner tonight, had some crackers earlier, and I've been keeping up my fluids. Not too much soda, and I take my pills with water or iced tea.

We have more snow! It's not much, but it's there. Maybe the boys can actually get out this year.

Not too much damage done, and what little done is healing pretty quickly. Have a few holes in my arms, but they're healed over, and I can actually focus on things. I can walk without wobbling too much, and I can go up and down stairs if I'm careful. Nothing can keep me down for long.

(I also have visited the bathroom a few times. It feels good to be able to move, anyway.)

Not really up for writing or anything yet, but I can curl up with a book or spend a few minutes online, as long as I don't push it. I chatted on the phone with my tribemates earlier, who also left comments, so I can still talk. Little by little, I'm getting back to 'normal' or whatever normal was for me.

Once I get back to normal-ish, I can go back to work. I miss it already.

For now, though, I look forward to being able to shower tonight. I need to wash, desperately.

I managed to organize my room back to somewhat-normal, but still need to fix a bit here and there. After all, it was a bit messy from people tromping through here. Oh well, easy to fix, luckily.

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